Clinical interviewers

Dr. Doug Beattie South Central NY, NE Pennsylvania
Dr. Kristian Best New York
Dr. Thomas Beveridge Connecticut (North Central)
Dr. Jo Anne Brocklehurst Western New York
Dr. Penny Christianson Northwest Oregon, Southwest Idaho
Dr. Laura Delaplain Greater Boston (South/East)
Dr. Barry Fleet Rhode Island (Entire)
Dr. Chuck Heath Montana
Dr. Cal Genzel New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts
Dr. James Harris Southern New Jersey/Delaware
Dr. Greg Hinkle North Indiana/Lower Michigan
Dr. Robert Kispert Metro Chicago, Northwest Indiana
Dr. Jack Klugh Western Minnesota/Eastern North Dakota
Dr. Avery Manchester Connecticut (South West)
Dr. Margaret McCray Southeastern Minnesota/Northwestern Wisconsin
Dr. Paul Melrose Metro Detroit/Southeastern Michigan
Deborah O’Donovan Metro Chicago/Northern Illinois
Dr. Ken Orth Greater Boston Area (North)
Dr. John Ortmeyer Washington/(North Puget Sound)
Dr. Roger Plantikow Northern New Jersey
Dr. Lem Rees Illinois, West Central
Dr. Carol Sherman Maine (Central North)
Dr. Ted Stoneberg Central/Southern Indiana
Dr. Brian Storey Southern Illinois/Western Kentucky
Dr. James Sullivan Southern New Jersey
Dr. Fred Van Tatenhove Eastern Kentucky
Dr. Paul Tieman Chicago Suburbs (North Shore)
Dr. David Waanders Central New Jersey
Dr. Kathy Young Montana
Dr. Paul Huss Maine


Other clinical interviewers are located at or near the seminaries we serve.

Additional interviewers are being added and trained in the CAS assessment process, as judicatory needs arise, near seminaries and in other parts of the United States.