Our approach

The CAS approach to assessing candidates for clergy careers is distinct and effective.

First and foremost, our assessment is psychological. The unique combination of instruments we use, coupled with the interview-feedback process, enable us to 1) rule out psychopathology, 2) describe the personality patterns, traits, moods and behaviors that characterize the candidate and 3) compare those characteristics with criteria for potential effective functioning in ministry. We report the applicant’s psychological fitness, or lack of fitness, both to the applicant and his or her selection committee. Our purpose in discussing our findings with the applicant is to allow him or her to verify the results and to encourage ongoing personal and professional growth.

Our process and final report are individualized. Reports are written in a narrative manner, based on analysis and interpretation of the data submitted by the individual applicant. No standardized computer printouts are presented in the final report.

The review is denominationally relevant. We understand that, while traditional parish ministry has generic components, it also varies by denomination in emphasis and focus. Our approach allows us to customize the process and interpret the results according to the particulars of the denomination sponsoring the applicant’s assessment.

Our service is available nationwide. Candidates for clergy careers can be assessed locally, from any location in the U.S. Our offices are located in Arlington Heights, Illinois, in the Chicago area.

Our process is cost effective. At $625 for a full formal psychological fitness review, the cost to a judicatory is much less than half the market rate for such assessments in a secular environment, and substantially less than the cost for similar services provided in a religious environment.