Our history

CAS traces its beginnings to 1968, when our founder, the Rev. John E. Hinkle, Ph.D., was contacted by two judicatories in Indiana – selection decision-makers who wanted to include a psychological fitness review in their process of selecting applicants for ministry. In response, Dr. Hinkle developed a psychological fitness for ministry assessment program that, twenty years later, became the model for a national system of psychological assessment of fitness for ministry in a major denomination.

Additional requests by different denominations to provide a program of psychological assessment of fitness for ministry resulted in the formation of the Clergy Assessment Service, or CAS, in 1970.

Between 1975 and 1985, the CAS program model was accepted for use as a national program by a mainline protestant denomination, while being utilized in judicatories of other such denominations.

By 1990, CAS was delivering assessment services to seven United Methodist judicatories, three Lutheran judicatories, three United Church of Christ judicatories, two Episcopal judicatories, a Roman Catholic Order and various judicatories selecting missionary applicants for foreign service.

By 2000, twenty judicatories from various denominations were participating in the CAS process. Today, that number is thirty-five – and growing!

Recent improvements and expansion efforts include:

  • The addition of a website, to service users online
  • The addition of trained, certified and experienced report writers
  • The addition of clinical interviewers, strategically located throughout the U.S.