Our philosophy

At CAS, we regard the psychological fitness review process as consultation, both for the candidate and judicatory decision-makers. Our efforts and the resulting report have been designed for use in the vocational discernment and preparation for ministry process.

We see the assessment process as an opportunity for both the applicant and his or her judicatory to discover and explore issues the applicant is facing – issues that could be resolved or benefit from further nurture and development, whether that’s psychotherapy, particular coursework or field experience, for example. We seek to enable applicants to become conscious of strengths and potentials, along with boundaries and limitations, so they see life as hopeful and can fully recognize their place in the larger institutional, societal and universal order.

While our purpose is to assist the applicant build on strengths for ministry through self-knowledge and specific strategies for growth, the assessment addresses both those criteria that rule out pathology, with those criteria that would favor acceptance into preparation for ministry.

Through written reports, we seek to provide judicatory selection decision-makers with in-depth information about the applicant – information that can facilitate the accuracy and effectiveness with which they carry out their responsibilities.