Who we are and what we do

The Clergy Assessment Service (CAS) is a church-based organization, providing psychological fitness reviews of candidates for clergy careers.

Our review process is a two-part consultation. Part One consists of a battery of tests that are completed by the applicant for ministry. We interpret the results, prepare a five- to seven-page narrative report of our findings and provide the applicant with face-to-face interpretive feedback. During this one-hour clinical interview, we discuss the report, issues related to the testing and other matters that may arise in this one-on-one setting.

In Part Two of the consultation, we deliver the written report to the applicant’s judicatory selection decision-makers. This report contains a description of the applicant from the perspective of psychological fitness, that is, his or her potential fitness to prepare for full-time professional ministry, ordained or lay. We also provide recommendations for further nurture and development of the applicant while he or she is preparing for ministry.

The goal of a psychological fitness review is to help the applicant arrive at an optimal state of readiness for beginning the practice of effective professional ministry, prior to or at the time of ordination or certification.