Ownership of reports

It is the understanding of CAS that the copy of the psychological fitness review report that is released to the judicatory belongs to the judicatory. However, it can only be used by the judicatory for the purposes of selection and nurture, since that is the purpose for which the review will have been conducted.

In some cases, the applicant may wish to have a copy of the report made available to a professional, such as a therapist or other qualified professional. If so, the applicant will need to sign another release of information form and send it to CAS. Then a copy of the report will be provided by the clinical interviewer, who serves as trustee of the applicant’s psychological file on behalf of the judicatory, to the designated individual. It is not the judicatory’s responsibility to provide a copy of the report to any professional selected by the applicant.

It is expected that the copy of the report released to the judicatory selection committee will be kept for a limited period of time. Once the applicant is ordained or enters lay ministry, or no longer than a maximum of seven years, whichever comes sooner, the report is to be shredded. In no case is the report to be used for placement decisions or administrative supervision since the release of information form signed by the applicant approves the use of the report only for selection and nurture/development consultation. The CAS report is not to be forwarded to a permanent personnel file kept by the denomination or judicatory.

Similarly, the clinical interviewer who will trustee the applicant’s test data on behalf of the applicant and the judicatory will retain the applicant’s file for a period not to exceed seven years, or the time of activation for ministry, whichever comes sooner. At that time, the file will be destroyed by the trustee of the file.