What you need to do

In addition to a letter from your judicatory, you have probably also received an email or letter from CAS about visiting this website to access four forms that need to be completed as the first step in the review process.  Those forms are listed at the bottom of this page.

We encourage you to access, download and print out all four forms as soon as possible.

Please complete the request for monitor, personal data inventory and release of information form on paper. The next step is to make your own copy of each of the completed forms in the event that they are lost in the mail, though in more than 5,000 reviews over thirty years, that has yet to happen. Once you have completed and copied the completed forms, please submit the originals to CAS by priority mail (USPS – please do not send the forms by registered mail).

You will also need to make at least four copies of the reference form and mail them to the persons you have selected to complete them.

We encourage you to access, complete and mail all as soon as possible to ensure your psychological fitness review is completed in a timely, helpful manner.