Personal data inventory

The Personal Data Inventory is a form that provides important information about your health, family, education, religious background, current and previous careers, employment history and your interest in ministry. This information is essential to the review. Please write legibly!

We also ask that you send the completed PDI to CAS either prior to, or at the time of testing. Frequently applicants put off completing the PDI until after they have taken the tests. The problem is, having completed the test battery, they then forget to complete and forward the PDI. This stalls the process and results in follow-up phone calls from CAS to ensure the applicant completes and submits the PDI.

If you are in transition as far as your location is concerned, that is, if you are leaving for school or a job at a date soon after the testing, please make sure you provide forwarding information to CAS — a cell phone number or address where you can be reached at your new location.