Request for monitor

Selecting the monitor for your testing means contacting a professional person of your acquaintance (i.e., your local pastor, a seminary professor or other professional) and arranging for him or her to serve as the monitor who will administer the testing materials.

The duty of the monitor is simple and straightforward – providing you with a quiet room where you can take the tests, making sure they are done correctly and seeing to it that you are not disturbed while taking them. The tests generally take four to six hours to complete.

The monitor may assign an assistant to perform the actual duties, as long as the monitor reads the “instructions to monitors” included in the testing packet and clearly understands those instructions.

Once we have received the name and address of your monitor, we will forward a packet of tests to him or her. In the same mail, you will be sent a letter asking you to contact your monitor to make an appointment for the testing. You will want to set up a time that is mutually convenient to take the tests. Once you have completed the tests, your monitor will then return everything in the test packet to CAS.