Thank you for your service to the church, CAS and applicants for preparation for ministry! You have been chosen to provide a feedback and debriefing interview with an applicant for ministry because of your clinical and interpersonal skills, integrity and care for the church. We consider the clinical interview a significant opportunity for self-growth for the applicant, as well as way for him or her to validate and clarify what has emerged in the testing.

As you work with CAS, we want to give you the guidance, information and support you need to provide a quality clinical interview – one that honors the assessment process and helps the applicant grow in self-awareness, claim his or her strengths for ministry, become conscious of limitations and consider areas that could benefit from further nurture and development prior to entering professional ministry.

We encourage you to look at Assessing Psychological Fitness for Ministry and FAQs to reacquaint yourself with the CAS process and purpose of the clinical interview. These sections also provide valuable information for answering questions you may receive from an applicant during the interview process.

You will receive general instructions for conducting a CAS clinical interview in the cover letter that accompanies the CAS psychological fitness review report. See additional instructions for conducting clinical interview for more detail about conducting this interpretive feedback session.

You are also invited to post questions and respond to questions from other interviewers on our Message Board. The Message Board is also intended as a way to encourage and extend dialogues between you and your peers about clinical and other issues you encounter in working with clergy and others involved in professional ministry.