Learning more

If your judicatory would like to know more about Clergy Assessment Service (CAS) and our psychological fitness review process, we invite you to peruse this website. About CAS, Assessing Psychological Fitness for Ministry and FAQs are a good place to start. A list of judicatory and seminary users is included as well.

You may also want to review the information on costs, time frame and getting started.

We welcome your specific questions as well. We can be reached via our contact page or 1-847-577-5132. Confidential voice mails can be left 24/7, and faxes can be received 24/7 as well at 1-847-577-5192. Emails and voice mails are returned within 24 hours.

For immediate voice-to-voice contact, our phone is answered in person between noon and 3 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday, eleven months of the year. The exception is December 15 – January 15, when our offices are closed. During this period, voice messages can be left and emails sent. They will be returned within three to five days while the office is closed.